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5 Facebook Pages That Will Make You Smarter

Yep, Facebook can make you smarter - here are 5 pages that can help
Hosts Holly and Tracy dive into the depths of history and share their fascinating findings. The page provides highlights of the podcast, including photographs, story links, and recaps, which are great for if you don’t have the time listening to the podcast but are still looking to top up your history knowledge.  Always something interesting here and you can easily find yourself 4 searches in after reading one of their posts.
Run by a University of Alabama Engineer of the Year award winner, the Smarter Every Day is a place for those seeking lifelong learning to gather and really useful bitesize content. The page shares daily videos and articles that satisfy the mission: “To teach you something new everyday!”
The Big Think website and associated Facebook page provides “a filter of articles, blogs, and expert videos that will help you get smarter, faster, in the 21st century knowledge economy.” Aspiring to use top experts in their fields to disrupt common sense and a laissez-faire method of thought, the Big Think consistently posts images, questions, and links to articles that will challenge your current way of thinking and broaden your thought process.
One peoples favourite things to talk about will always be themselves! and the Psychology Today Facebook page is dedicated to doing just that. The page shares resources, articles, and content covering “all aspects of human behavior from the workings of the brain to the bonds between people and the larger cultural forces that drive our most intimate decisions.” If you’re ever wondering why we think the way we do, the Psychology Today page will help answer these big questions.
Its been written (see what we did there) that reading can make you smarter, and The Reading Room’s Facebook page will help you find that next knowledge-building book. Curating recommendations from influencers around the world such as those from The Guardian and The New York Times, The Reading Room’s page also regularly shares content that booklovers and literature fans will love.
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