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5 Productivity Hacks That Help You Get More Done Every Day

Being more effective with your time is something we're asked a lot around with the content creators we work with and try to get across many tips, tricks, hacks and help with this - we're all busy people, but staying focused and getting productive does take some work.

Here is a small top 5 list of some of the best ways to keep that focus going.  Some might sound obvious, some might not, but give them a try and see how it effects your productivity.

1) Turn Off Your Phone Notifications are designed to distract you.  At the very least turn it over (or cover it if you have one of those that has an edge display) and keep it out of the way whilst you focus on getting things done.  

2) Use A Timer Now, this might sound a bit like i'm going over the top here, but allocating specific chunks of time to jobs and having a timer running can actually be a bit of a productivity jedi mind trick.  Often, you'll want to out perform your expectations when you get started and working against the clock can often give you that added burst.  It can work the other way too and make you feel pressured against getting jobs done in the specific time allowed, but try not to feel pressured and only do it with the right jobs.  

3) Don't Look At Your Email When you're in the zone, distractions such as whatsapp, notifications, emails etc etc will divert your thought process and often throw you into a different conversation - this can happen multiple times in seconds, so keeping your email out of site, both on your desktop and on your phone whilst you focus, even if it is for a short amount of time will work wonders for your productivity.

4) The Important Stuff If you know that a 1900 word blog post will get a better result with your audience than x4 400 word blog posts, focus on the activity that gets the most interaction.  We write blog posts over on Linkedin, for a number of reasons, one being that our followers there are passionate about learning about influencer marketing and the way we approach it as an agency.  So, when we write, people engage and that engagement leads to longer term relationships with new clients - its 101 content marketing.  But if we weren't doing that consistently every week it wouldn't have as much impact.  So focus on what works for you, don't put off the jobs you hate, put off the jobs that are the least important to your goals, whether that is growth, development or just getting better at writing content.

5) Work When You Are Most Effective Everyone has a key time of the day when they're most effective, for me it's probably that 5am-8am, I know emails aren't going to come in as often and I won't get distracted by reading something that I either have to respond to or think about responding to. Understand your key times and make sure you've got the freedom of time to work in your most effective hotspots.

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