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5 Ways To Get More Blog Traffic

...And Make People Keep Coming Back

Everyone is looking for more blog traffic, but not just more blog traffic, more quality traffic, visits, likes, shares and video views.  Here are seven tips to start getting more traffic and engagement to all your site properties.
#1 Forums. There are many forums where people congregate to talk about specific topics. Similar to blog commenting, by participating in the conversions and adding value, you can draw attention to yourself and your blog. Other participants may follow your profile link, or if it’s helpful, you can link directly to a blog post in one of your forum posts.
#2 Commenting On Other Blogs. You can also use blog commenting to build relationships with other bloggers, and get in front of their audience. When you leave insightful or helpful blog comments, not only will the author notice, but other readers might notice too. And there’s a good chance they’ll click on the link to check out your website. If it’s relevant, you can even leave a link back to your blog right in your comment.
#3 Answer Questions on Quora. Quora is a place to ask and answer questions. There are threads on pretty much everything, and you can use include links in your answers. Search quora for topics related to your blog post. When possible, answer questions and include a link back to your blog post for more in-depth advice. Many of these threads will get viewed for months or years to come.
#4 Post On Reddit. There is a huge community on Reddit that loves to spend time on the Internet. Find subreddits related to your business or blog post topic and start participating. When you have a new blog post to promote, share it in a relevant subreddit. The key to success here is to make sure you’re starting an interesting or helpful discussion, not just dropping a link.
#5 Build An Email List & Offer Value. Hopefully, you’re already building an email list on your website. Not only will this get potential customers back to your website, but these people may also share your content on social media, expanding your reach.  You can maximize this even further by running email competitions as part of your content and exclusive incentives for subscribers to share content in return for winning prizes or special one off 'email only' prizes.  Just as your content is unique on different platforms, so should your email, so think about the original content you can include in email too.
Rinse & Repeat These Methods To Keep Seeing The Benefits Week After Week.
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