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Blogging Trends To Watch In 2016

Blogging continues to change, new platforms, new rules, new formats etc etc - but all this is a good thing.  For creative writers, vloggers, bloggers or any content creators out there, choose your platforms and the rest is up to you.  Here are some key trends that have been emerging this year, that I expect to be a big part of 2016.
Bigger Content
When I say bigger - I mean bigger, longer, more indepth than ever before.  This is just the way the trends are going - in 2014 the average blog post was 900 words, in 2013 it was 500 and a lot of business bloggers think they have to write 400+ words to get that content indexed by google.  Not true.  Any content could rank, it just depends what it is, what the keywords are, what the search words you're looking to rank under are etc.  But it's much more likely that the better (or more thorough) the content is, the better solution it is for the person searching, therefore the better the likelyhood of it appearing top. 
This is a chart compiled by Orbit Media which goes into a lot more detail and when you're thinking about objectives for your content - hearing the "It Depends" answer for "whats the ideal length of..." becomes a little unsatisfying to say the least.  These guys cover off that part pretty thoroughly too.  
There was a lot of hoo-haa earlier in the year (and end of last year) about google penalising people for guest posts (which could be seen as collabs, guest contributors etc).  But - these were not the guest posts we know and love today, when we see our two favourite content creators working together on a project - this is not the stuff google was hating on.
They had a problem with spammy guest posts.  Guest blogging doesn’t seem to be declining in popularity though only 6% of bloggers publish the majority of their original content as guest posts.

Most bloggers (64%) write for more than one blog; so even though the majority of their content lands on their own site, they recognise the benefits that guest posting offers to help them build authority and expand their audience beyond their own blog readers.

Collabs remain important - and something we really promote within the partners we work with. 

Growth Hacking
You could call this marketing, or just using your head.  The point is bloggers and content creators are getting smarter, they have strategies and tactics, but they're sharing these within the blogging and content creator community (not even in secret forums or chat rooms) but when they meet face to face (collabs, branded content creation, events, meet & greets etc).  
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