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Brands And Agencies Spend $100m Per Month On Instagram

Quite a bold statement eh?  Well its part of a recent study conducted by captiv8 recently (you can download that for yourself here) which shows in a variety of ways just how much social media has changed, how platforms made this possible (and made people move to other platforms) and the general state of the market today.
As most people know already, we're about quality activations.  We're not about adding low quality noise, but improving the state of the noise with intelligent, thought through expertise in this area and a roster of talent who are like minded.  We don't want to be known as the agency that activated the campaign where something got held up on instagram and people reacted with "ah right". 
This market is complex - more so than most people imagine - where value is something being priced by a range of different metrics.  How do we cost activations?  We put it down to 2 areas, the value of the content creators time and the value of the content creators audience.  That audience is going to have different values depending on the niche they operate in, and will continue to fluctuate based on the level of activity and time there is involved.
For instance an appearance could be a set fee but content created at that appearance, additional involvement, editing, post production and of course activation creative developed up front are costs that need to be taken into consideration.  Its all time generally, but that time is divided into different categories of work and charged out.  Makes sense right?
What we don't do is get people to hold things up, include product placement for items that the content creator isn't a fan of or try to crowbar in product without a well thought through activation.
There is enough noise out there already - we stand for quality activations that offer far more value, tell a story and create a unique experience for the audience - after all they are the people that we all should be caring about more and more.  If we all did, we'd see $100m a month being spent to improve the platforms content in general, rather than adding more questions around why brands and agencies allowed this to happen.
Facebook for instance has had massive algorithm changes in the last 18 months and continues to filter more and more noise out of the newsfeed.  Now, because of this brands are turning to twitter (which is doing something similar), instagram (which has its own quality algorithm filters), pinterest, tumblr, youtube, periscope and of course, snapchat.
Snapchat is/has blown up (depending on how close you are to the space) over the past 4-5 months down to one guy.  DJ Khaled is snapchat.
I'd be interested to see the trajectory of sponsored content against instagram today and how quickly that overtakes instagram in the future.  We shouldn't be surprised against people jumping on platforms.  We saw this through the evolution of social, with each platform came early adoption, then mass inclusion.  It took Facebook 5 years to go from 100m to 1.2b active users per month.  It can continue to be the place for friends, but is it really the place for discovery or connectivity to new people? 
Instagram did that job, and Twitter before it but snapchat and periscope (and meerkat too) are real, can't be gamed (although there are some apps out there where you can buy followers) and really show the raw'ness of people - they have unprecedented access to BTS like never before.  Its real and genuine and the feed isn't being clattered with unwanted noise (yet).
If you're a brand or an agency - just keep these things in mind... is our inclusion bringing a unique experience to the audience.  Does everyone benefit?  
If you can't answer or worse, feel its not ticking those boxes, you should rethink your activation until you get to a 1000% yes.  Audiences are more informed, more educated and one google search away from any information they need - the last thing you want to do is generate a reason for them to switch off.
If attention and engagement is what you want to buy - think about it thoroughly before you do anything.
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