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Don't Forget Who You Are

Everyone Has Something To Offer - Including You.

Saturation.  Forget about it.
Ignore the word completely.  People who are about to get into blogging, opening a youtube channel, starting a blog, an instagram account or even a snapchat account have all had this fear/doubt at some stage. 
The fear stems from the sheer amount of people out there creating content.  Even content creators we've watched have said, if they were starting out now, they wouldn't, because the competition is so high, the market is saturated and the opportunities fewer than before.

It’s important that you remember who you are.

There’s so much noise in the blogosphere, so many people trying to be seen and heard, that you really need to be noticed as something unique.

And what’s unique in a crowded space where everyone is saying the same things in the same ways?

Sincerity. Authenticity.

Be who you are and communicate in your real-life natural voice.

Avoid the temptation to try and impress your readers with your intelligence or your vocabulary.

When you’re learning to master a new skill on any social media platform, it’s difficult to figure out what makes you unique.

But stay with it. Your uniqueness will show through if you stay real.

Everyone has something special to offer… including you. Don’t bend to the temptation of writing like someone else. Be conversational and remember who you are!

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