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Getting The Right Balance

Before you can blink, influencer marketing has become mainstream - now we have a whole new language of buzz terms being banded around.  Micro influencer agencies are popping up and every social media talent you come in contact with has a different agent, with a different way of working, different pricing systems, different success measurements - such a melting pot of new people working their way around and old hats getting their head around the value of new social media talent.

As i've said many times before, the influencer marketing world - the entire landscape is very similar to the wild west right now - and will continue to be throughout 2017 until the stand out agencies, experts and consultants get the best work under their belt - and then that work is recognised in the same way other creative industries have their work judged.

So how do you get the balance right? How do you separate the experts from just good talkers? With the right questions.  Ask about failure, what went wrong, how did you put it right, what were the lessons, what did you put in place to make sure it didn't happen again?  

You'll soon find out from the types of answers if you are looking into the eyes of someone who actually has the experience to cut through the buzz words and get the balance right for your next campaign. Getting the balance right is key - a partner that can run from end to end with grown up understanding of your brand and execute effectively - thats the partner we strive to be with each and every client we work with.

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