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How To Pick The Perfect Prize To Give To Your Audience

As we get closer to the gifting season there is no better time to start thinking about opportunities to gift your audience.
Social is and always has been about giving.  Giving content, giving advice, giving support, time, expertise, giving giving giving - if you're a blogger/vlogger or content creator on social media, you find yourself giving a lot.  
This time of year people start thinking about the C word more and more as shops and stores start to gradually (and some blatantly) start to add Christmas lines to their offering.  Amazon black friday is just around the corner and thats going to really kick peoples thinking into Christmas even more.
Before you jump in and start giving away what you think your audience is really after, take a look at these 3 questions to ask yourself and build the perfect opportunity to give.
1. How long are you running this for? 
Depending on your goals, the size of your fan base, your gift competition may run for different amounts of time. Generally, contests that require a bit of work—such as photo/video/vine contests —should be run for longer than sweepstakes, we recommend no longer than two or three weeks per each give-a-way.
(The bigger your prize, the easier it’ll be for you to maintain excitement over the length of your competition. Matching a smaller prize to a shorter campaign gives it a sense of scale—and a big prize can incentivize a lot of people, if you give them as long as possible to find out about it).
2. The prize itself
I've always told people if you give away one thing and one thing only - make it something that only you can offer.  Sure you can add ipods, vouchers, or smaller gifts into the mix, but the big grand gift should be something thats really unique to you.  Think about the people that have inspired you the most, the fans that are your dedicated hardcore 1% loyal fanbase - what they talk about, what they want to see, what they ask you for.
(This prize could be something that just costs you time - spending a day with a fan, going on an exclusive winter shopping spree at primark with £50 for instance).  You also get a bunch of content to use down the line and give something back to your community - just a thought but try to make the headline prize something only you can offer.
3. What is the occasion?
Even if you run these monthly, or bi-weekly even, you might decide in your content calendar to make one month more special than another: maybe your content is at its busiest in the holiday season and you want to capitalise on that, maybe you have a big anniversary you want to celebrate, or maybe you’ve hit a milestone in the size of your online audience.  All these could coincide with Christmas too and we're talking a lot about the holiday season, but maybe you're also hitting a audience milestone and want to say more than just thank you.
Good luck with all your activity this year and hoped this has helped you think about gifting in new way - it doesn't have to break the bank and it can become a great piece of content for the future.  
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