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Improve Your YouTube Tags Today

..and all your future uploads

Your content might rock, but heres some tips to use today to rock harder.
There are lots of versions of this, but unlike other guides, we're going to walk you through step by step the best definitive best practice guide.  Based on working on many many youtube channel projects over the years, looking at lots of resources online and actually experimenting ourselves we've hopefully got the definitive guide for you here (correct to November 2015). 
So here, we've got our standard Safari Challenge video.  We're going to focus on the tagging section here and add 3 types of tags.  First three tags that we'll call "The Specific Tag".  They are single words that describe the video.  So for this example the specific tag would be "Safari, Challenge, Competition". 
When you start typing tags, you'll get suggestions from YouTube, you don't need to select the related keyword, just use your own and hit return on each successful entry.   
Next up is compound tags, these are multiple words together that describe the video.  So for this we'll use the title of the video "Safari Challenge.  Loser Gets Eaten.", (you really want to take out things like on/if/in as google will sometimes miss these completely), include your name and name of channel "PeterJones" & "Peter Jones" then "PeterJonesChannel" & "Peter Jones Channel".  You should add around 7-8 compound tags.
Next generic tags. If your video is "Funny", "Spoof" or in this case "Animals", "Nature", "Africa" "Comedy".
Now... you don't have to use this one for every video, but its good now and again depending on your content and specifically what you're talking about.  It's misspelled keyword tags. I could use "Safrai" "Chalenge" but I don't want to use my tag limit up, just including a couple that could be most commonly misspelled. 
You can only use 500 characters in all your tags so keep that in mind and don't go over the top - keep in mind the 4 types of tags above and distribute them evenly.  
YouTube will take your meta data and tags for the first 5-7 days of your video content going live, after this time they will have enough data around your video to make their own decision on placement. 
Don't mislead youtube viewers - make sure the tags are relevant to the content you've created. 
Now - you're set on tags for future video uploads, but if you re-evaluate all your old videos and check you're following the right method here, inserting the right relevant number, category and content in your tags youtube will re-evaluate your content and that could help you get more views and activity on your channel and views in the short term and build for the longer term.
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