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Some Things We Look For

Its no secret what we're looking for in content creators for the brands and agencies we work with.  But what we are looking for from people that we find and people that get in touch through our site and social profiles are something we're asked a lot, so thought it might make an interesting post to share.
The Niche
From a niche perspective, it makes sense to us to have a varied and wide ranging variety of different talent.  We're not looking for people that only are great in their niche, but can also perform and engage audiences in other areas.  Quite often we're looking at a variety of people being used in campaigns together, that can cross pollinate audiences and develop stories through being put in different situations than their audience is used to.  Those situations allow people to see them in a different perspective, outside of their comfort zone or just being put in a different situation with other people you might not of thought of initially is great for the audience - and great for the brands and agencies we're working with, because they're facilitating that content experience for the audience.  So in short, we're looking for people working in a range of interesting niches, but also people that can adapt to others and push themselves.
The Personality
Everyones different, everyone has different needs, requirements, goals, hopes and dreams and those personalities are a big part of their life, especially the one they've created and grown online.  It's important to maintain that along with pushing yourself to be uncomfortable sometimes.  Remain curious, be creative and don't be afraid of the unknown, embrace it with enthusiasm and you might find yourself enjoying something you never thought you would, or could.  Which kind o leads on to..
I can't begin to tell you how important this is.  To give you a little insight, theres a lot of agencies that will sign people or start working with people over the phone, or by email.  We meet everyone we work with and know what we're looking for in terms of attitude.  We have to work with people that understand our process, that buy into what we're about and what we're trying to achieve.  Communication is vital and maintaining good communication sometimes requires some discipline and again, might take you out of your comfort zone.  A lot of social media influencers, are by nature introverted.  The relationships we create or start with anyone grow to being incredibly successful partnership.  That can never happen with poor communication techniques.  Even people we are working with that aren't based on the phone, we communicate through whattsapp, sms, snapchat, email, scheduled phone calls and face to face meetings, even if the face to face is skype, that is just another method, another way to keep the contact tight.  The attitude we're looking for goes beyond communication with us though, or with the clients we're working with, but is also about maintaining your true self, keeping your feet on the ground, understanding the relationship and the brands and agencies and of course our role in creating the best possible content opportunities for the wide variety of people we work with.
Follower Numbers
Right into the nitty gritty.  Now we understand follower numbers - (we should really shouldn't we?!) we know its still in 2016 the first metric brands and agencies are often looking at.  That vanity metric status still is very present today.  Its our job to educate our clients on more important metrics than these, its something we look at, but its down the list.  Heres the list of the type of activity we're looking at:
Engagement Levels (Shares/Comments/Likes)
Engagement vs Follower Number (Above vs Total Follower Number)
Best & Worst Performing Content Analysis
Google Analytics 
Engagement Growth Trajectory levels
Then after those we use another dozen or so tools we're not going to mention here, but do go in depth into the authenticity of the social profiles, how the audience engages, when, why, how and some other tools like general sentiment analysis etc.
We've had people apply through our site with fake, bought for followers and we know exactly what we're looking for here.  Although its getting harder to evaluate, the more time that goes into it the better the output quality becomes. 
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