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Simple Ways To Improve Your Writing Today

Writing requires commitment, real, honest commitment that not a lot of people have.  A lot of people want to write, as blogging has taken off (we're definitely still not calling it blogging by the way), over the past few years, we're seeing content creation take off in many different niches.  
Content Creators Are Investing More Time In Writing Across More Platforms
They understand the importance, from bios to YouTube channel content, tags, descriptions and all the content that they're producing, writing is still a fundamental part of describing your content.
Here are a few tips for improving your writing each day.

I've worked with lots of very (and not so very) creative people over the years and one thing they've always told me is keeping record of the ideas you have.  As quickly as creativity can come to you, it can disappear equally as fast.  Keep a notebook and pencil next to your bed and jot down ideas you have before they're gone forever! 

Next, look at some note logging tools such as evernote, trello or even google docs, transfer these ideas into one sheet and keep referring and going back to them over and over always adding additional ideas to the mixture.

Get as close as you can to outline the actual post content, who will be involved, what might happen, what that post might lead to, how to tell the story across different platforms and generate the best content.

If you get time add image references to the ideas too so you can easily track back to ideas to think about the best way to execute them.  

Working in social media for a long time has given me a lot of exposure to a whole container load of social media content ideas, across many different platforms (some that have come and gone over the past few years) even platforms like friends reunited and myspace.  

Its such a good idea to keep hold of these ideas even the most crazy initial sounding ideas can be developed and adjusted later on (turned up or turned down) but if you don't have them, you can't expect to build on or around them in any way.


Why would they find this interesting/useful/entertaining? 

Idea Sources:

Inspiration for the idea, what you were thinking about before this idea came about?

That Key Line:

What is the one sentence that explains the idea very simply.  The best ideas usually can be explained in a sentence, just a one liner that covers the idea generally. 

The Headline:
Think about how the headline is constructed, there are a bunch of online resources for this also.  There is also a really useful blog article here that talks in much more detail about constructing a blog title and a great formula to start to get used to.
The Four Line Rule:
I'm not even sure if this is a rule, but try your best to keep the paragraphs down to 4 lines,
also narrow content helps people read through your content faster.
The opening sentence has to almost work as hard as the title content.  Think about what you can write that will get people to stay to the very end in the opening line.
Well, there are a few tips and some advice we hope you find useful.  Writing is more important than ever and the requirement for more of your content getting indexed and then discovered through search engines is vital for the continued growth of your online content.
Think you're big enough already? Guess what?  Someone could easily come along and over take you in terms of popularity if you get complacent or think your content alone is enough.  There are many elements that we support and advise bloggers and content creators on every day.  
Making yourself known is one thing, making people come back is another.  
We help content creators work more effectively with brands and agencies all over the world.  
Get in touch if you're a business or content creator who would like to find out more about how we work.
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