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Social Media Talent Hate It When You Do This...

1. Start A Email "Dear Blogger"
2. End An Email "Thanks Blogger"
3. Start An Email "<Name>", or "<FirstName>"
4. Dress Something Up That Is Not Cool & Try To Make It Sound Cool.
5. Lie About Who Else You're Negotiating/Working/Talking With.
6. Lie About Budgets
7. Any Other Lies
8. When They've Been Invited To Pitch For Projects Then Their Idea Gets Used With Someone Else Activating It.
9. Being Told They're Not "<Insert Brand Name Here>" Enough
One of the reasons we started Social Talent was to help bridge that gap between content creators and brands & agencies.  Not just to help improve relationships but to protect both parties.  
We're passionate about ideas that make people do something, make people feel something and we know traditional advertising struggles to do this today.  Attention spans are shorter than ever online and content creators are more and more influential in peoples real lives today.  They are genuine, authentic and self made entrepreneurs that really understand their audience, they spend their lives creating for them!
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