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Why We Post Content Across 7 Different Social Media Channels

Earlier today a friend of mine, Scott Stratten asked a question on Linkedin, if you publish a blog on medium and your own site, what is different about it and why do you do it?  I responded with an answer so lengthy, I couldn't actually write it in the comments as it was so long!! But this got me thinking, this question must be asked by a lot of people and my answer should (hopefully) actually be quite interesting to some content creators, publishers, brands and agencies out there reading this. 
So, we actually post across 7 different social networks and have a reason for doing so! - It's part of our wider social media strategy which is in a sentence "providing a range of content that is appealing to both of our target audience groups".
I'm going to break this down, channel by channel and hopefully by the end it will all make total sense! 
Here we are really curating and promoting.  We curate some of the best content we've seen in the influencer marketing / social media talent industry and share with our community of just over 2,000 (who are mainly people that work in the industry or some of the talent we work with currently).  Its interesting to them and helps position us as thought leaders in the influencer marketing space.  We're trying to really bridge the gap between content creators and co-branded content output - achieving industry leading excellence along the way.
This is a more day to day activity.  We post a lot of content about what we're doing, where we are going, what we're interested in today and really "in the moment" content that gives a little snapshot into our day to day business.  From this (and we don't have even 100's of views per post just yet) we aim to give people a little insight into running a agency like ours which is appealing to the talent we work with and potentially new brand and agency clients (although not many of those guys seem to have joined as of yet). 
Our least used platform.  Really, this is about posting the "best of" content and whilst we have over 400 likes on our page its grown steadily from last May when we started Social Talent we are really only using this as our best of channel to show the most interacted with content over the past week.
Here we dig a little deeper.  We save medium for really 2-3 posts a month, sometimes more sometimes less and use this to give deeper insight into our agency.  We can talk here in more detail and include images or campaigns we've been working on or particularly like, or dislike - but its really a longform content piece that usually goes over 5-8 minutes of reading time.  Here our audience (just over 500) are more senior professionals that might be outside of our geographic region but still enjoy our content digging deeper into the story of our agency. 
Now we're in a space which is a lot more driven by content creators and influencers (like snapchat) we tailor our content to talk to them in a way they appreciate.  Motivational, promotional but short snappy content that mixes between our lives working in an agency and thought provoking material for content creators to help them stay engaged. 
This is my personal LinkedIn and here I post a lot of industry related content.  Not many (maybe less than 10) of our content creators use LinkedIn regularly, but just about 99.99% of brands and agency decision makers are here, so this content is more directed to them.  Showcasing the benefits, support, help, advice to influencer marketing campaigns and using social media talent in co-branded content opportunities.      
Here we showcase the LinkedIn blog posts I write for my page.  Usually around 3-4 per month all of which help increase activity on our company page and grow our audience of fans of the agency.
I hope you've found this interesting!! Until next time.. please feel free to share if you think any of this has value to your audience! 
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