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Why We Should Stop Calling Social Media Talent "Influencers".

The marketing and communications industry loves a buzz word, especially in digital.  But I've had a problem with the word "influencer" and want to explain why... 
First, lets go back a couple of years.  I'm going back to a time when people cared about Klout scores.  Sure there were other platforms too and Klout is still around today, but the idea to me about measuring someones actual engagement with a score caused issues for me.  
1. It could be gamed, and still can (check fiverr gigs here) - thats not very authentic.
2. The algorithm itself measures over 400 criteria and other web content, but it can't measure emotion felt towards someone on - this could be a one off post.
3. The most influential person is Barack Obama and Justin Bieber.  This is always going to be different if you asked social media users who the person was that influenced them the most, you'd get some very interesting responses and they would be different depending on age, location and what they use social for.
4. Does the score measure things like the content quality thats being shared, production value of youtube channel, media value of audience or and this is a key factor, "shared first syndrome".  Those people that are the people that share the next viral piece of content early.  They could be seen as influencers when they are not creating content.
OK - I think 1 is still the most important here, like many scoring systems you're also awarded for the more time you spend giving other people Klout +1's.  Which leads to the gaming of this area.. which leads to inauthentic scores.. which leads to, well a piece of worthless junk. 
Content creators are more than influencers - influence is part of the outcome, but only part of all the work that goes into creating the content.  They are talented individuals with a range of skills which are appreciated by their audience.
Those skills include, presenting, editing, photography, writing, technology, filming, SEO, website builds, coding and i'm just touching the surface.
These content creators have bigger audiences than some TV channels and some cable networks around the world - you think getting to that stage makes you an influencer? Perhaps, but thats not why content creators do what they do, they do it because they love it.
That love can't be gamed, faked or bought on Fiverr. So lets appreciate content creators for what they are and understand that influence is just part of the output not the whole picture.  
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